Reach Calculator - Know your supply on InMobi Exchange

Posted on June 05, 2015
By Niveditha Viswanathan, Product Marketing Manager, InMobi ExchangeProduct Marketing Manager, InMobi Exchange

Supply diversity, global scale, audience targeting and engaging formats. Plus the advantage of programmatic media buying. InMobi Exchange brings it all together.

We bring to you a current snapshot of our Video and Native supply specifically, in this edition. Furthering the commitment to bring Native and Programmatic together, InMobi Exchange today brings premium audiences on more than 7800 Native apps. Accounting for ~40% of the InMobi Exchange supply, Native ads are gaining importance, both on the supply as well as demand side. With 80 billion monthly ad requests, spread across the world, advertisers can leverage the unique opportunity of programmatic buying for Native ads, while providing consumers rich mobile experiences.

The other area of deep and rising interest is at the intersection of programmatic and Video ads. Increasingly, video ad dollars on mobile are shifting to the programmatic channel. InMobi Exchange brings more than 58 bn monthly ad requests, exclusively for video ads. With over 25% of the supply video being enabled for each region, IX presents the opportunity for any advertiser to execute a comprehensive video ad campaign, programmatically.

The world of rich mobile experiences is advancing fast; and InMobi Exchange is excited to bring quality supply for Video and Native ads at scale.