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InMobi's Yogi Helps Gamers Level Up

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on July 01, 2015

Here's an update from us that you won't see every day!

Umbrella Games is a collaboration between Belgian developer Sven Magnus' publishing house Mudloop and US based Mikael Tyrsen. Their games are very minimalist with a strong sense of fun and quirkiness. I personally loved their website. For starters their URL is umbrella.wtf! Once you laugh your head off at that one, the colourful screenshots and playful characters from their earlier games really do capture the aesthetic sensibilities of Umbrella Games.

Screenshots from Down The Mountain

Their latest project ‘Down The Mountain’, is a single-tap game where you have to descend an infinite mountain while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Consistent with their inherent quirkiness, the game has 60 unlockable characters - including an assortment of animals, pop culture icons and fantasy characters. The game also an Indian yogi character but more on that later.

Mudloop had partnered with us on their previous hit title Boom Dots. Working closely with our partner managers, Mudloop scaled their revenues quickly and were very impressed with the performance of our ad platform as well as our proactive support. In fact they were so impressed by our support that they named the aforementioned yogi character - ’Jitesh’ after Jitesh Bisht, their InMobi Partner Manager!

The resemblance is uncanny, eh?

This is indeed a huge honour for Jitesh and InMobi. We always strive to keep our customers happy and help them make the most out of their apps.

And, before I sign off, here is a teaser for the game:

Psst. We have been told that playing as the Indian yogi gives you superpowers in the game. Oum to that!

Down The Mountain releases on iOS and Android on the 8th of July.

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