Take Advantage of Quality Audience Segments on IX this Quarter

    Niveditha Viswanathan
    Product Marketing Manager, InMobi Exchange
    5 min read
    Posted on July 09, 2015

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    InMobi Exchange brings to buyers a suite of well defined audience segments, designed and curated to meet key advertising themes this quarter. These audience segments are specifically designed for each calendar event; and offer brands the opportunity to engage with targeted audience on mobile. By leveraging audience segments, programmatic buyers can achieve better brand engagement and connection with brand audiences.

    Segment in Focus - Back to School:

    As summer vacations come to an end and consumers begin to dish out dollars for Back to School shopping, brands and retailers have a significant opportunity to influence purchase decisions and learn from this consumer behaviour.

    With over 1.3 billion monthly bids for a well defined timeline before starting of school, these audience segments offer precise and relevant engagement opportunities for brands. Back to School Shoppers, College Students and Shopping Enthusiasts created from first and third party data.

    Upcoming audience segments for Q3 covering End of Summer, NFL and Fall include Shoppers, Women Fashionista, NFL Enthusiast, Live Sports Fan. Watch this space for more.

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