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Launching InMobi SDK 600: Monetize Your iOS 10 Users Today!

Mona Sharma
Senior Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on September 19, 2016

iOS 10 was released last week and with that, we have released InMobi’s shiny new SDK 600.The re-architectured, iOS 10 compliant SDK 600 brings several under-the-hood changes that improve the efficiency of the internal APIs, simplifies integration and optimizes ad caching, making it the...


These new changes are available to you right NOW. Here is a sneak peak into why InMobi SDK should be a part of your monetization strategy!

Become iOS 10 Ready

App Transport Security (ATS), a default setting introduced for iOS 9+ traffic that mandates apps to make network connections only over TLS version 1.2 and later. You can read more details here.

Also, for the “Limit Ad Tracking” enabled iOS 10 traffic, InMobi will be exercising a best-effort scenario by serving ads on non-IDFA traffic as well, based on the advertiser’s consent.

Maximize Earnings with a Lean Mean Revenue Machine

Over the last 6 months, our technical teams have been hard at work rewriting InMobi’s SDK. The new SDK decreases footprint in the published app by a whopping 70% with just 555 KB inflation in the IPA file.

Attract Brand Dollars with Viewability Enabled

Given that a lot of premium advertisers are spending exclusively on viewable mobile inventory, InMobi SDK provides you a unique opportunity to tap into this growing demand pool and maximize revenue. With InMobi SDK 600, you get baked-in MOAT viewability compliance.

Spend More Time on Pokemon with Faster Integration

We have simplified the frameworks for you to start monetization with few code insertions. And yes, we do feel your pain, so now fast track your InMobi integration with Cocoapods.

Save Time on Upgrade Cycles

Upgrade the SDK only once a year aligned with new OS release and save on the development effort.

Get started today with InMobi iOS SD K 600!

If you are already monetizing your app with InMobi refer Migrating to iOS SDK 600.

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