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Event Diary - InMobi Australia Hosts a Mobile Programmatic Event

Aswini Bommakanti
Marketing Manager, Brand & Programmatic solutions - APAC
5 min read
Posted on June 20, 2017

InMobi regularly participates in and contributes to a series of events, meetups, webinars, sharing best practices with partners and thought leaders, across the globe. In this edition of the InMobi Event Diary, we are looking at the highlights and developments from the InMobi-hosted event titled “Programmatic Trading in the Mobile World”.

InMobi, in partnership with Rubicon, recently hosted an event in our Sydney office to discuss programmatic trading in the real world. As part of the event, we invited 5 industry leading speakers to share their rich and diverse experience with the audience. From insightful research to impactful measurement, the speakers touched upon a broad range of topics that kept the audience deeply engaged.

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Here’s a quick video of the event!

As one attendee said, “What a fantastic evening at the Mobile Programmatic event in Sydney. We were privileged to have 5 industry leading speakers that delivered whole-heartedly on the promise of providing insight on the multiple functions of mobile advertising and how these work together, challenging the current status quo and opening up conversations to define the path to better programmatically-driven advertising, with a key focus on user experiences and data''.

Here’s a brief look at the key takeaways from each speaker:

Stuart Bartram, InMobi

Our very own Stuart Bartram took the stage to unveil InMobi’s specially curated mobile audiences available on the InMobi Exchange in Australia. A powerful in-app exchange built on rich mobile first-party data, multiple ad formats, audiences at scale and brand safety, the InMobi Exchange, as Stuart affirmed, offers a comprehensive viewability verification suite with leading independent providers to increase transparency on ad viewability.

Sej Patel, YouGov

Sej Patel of YouGov, led the group through an independent mobile consumption study, driving home that an average user spends 60% of their digital time on mobile, of which 87% is in-app. While retail and video entertainment were popular categories, gaming and music were the top categories engaged with.

Simone Krakowiak, Rubicon

Simone’s session on growing programmatic spend into mobile provided insight into what media buyers want from their mobile advertising investments and what advertising practices consumers will respond most positively towards. She encouraged the digital industry to continue to create ad experiences with the end consumer in mind.

Richard Knott, Celtra

A very charismatic Richard Knott took a captivated audience through the significant role that creative plays in mobile advertising. He reminded the assembly that for a successful mobile programmatic campaign, media planners must deliver across all pillars of digital advertising – media, data and creative.

David Goodfellow, MOAT

In his session, David stressed on the decrease of the average human attention span in the last 15 years. As a result, the human species’ attention span is now in competition with goldfish! And in such a scenario, it becomes increasingly important to provide measurability and viewability for all digital platforms and to champion quality sources of traffic that are a balance of great UX and effective advertising.

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