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5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Papa Federighi on iOS 11

Mona Sharma
Senior Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on August 08, 2017

[Source: Reddit]

Time and again Hair Force One - Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering has made it to headlines. During WWDC 2016, Federighi created a musical controversy by rejecting a Facebook friend request from Taylor Swift. For the uninitiated, there was even a fake Twitter account impersonating him during WWDC 2014.

Although 2017 has been somber on the controversy front, Craig Federighi has promised a series of noteworthy updates to iOS 11. Our top five picks for developers in the upcoming iOS 11 release are:

Apple Pulls the Plug on 32-bit Apps

Yes, you heard it right - with iOS 11 release - Apple’s mobile devices will only support 64-bit applications. 32-bit apps will stop working. Even the app store search will not surface existing 32-bit apps. Also, the users won’t be able to access the previously downloaded 32-bit apps from the “Purchased” tab.

[Source: MacRumors]

Apple Promises Faster Approvals

Developers can rejoice that Apple will review newly submitted apps much faster than before. Phased releases will also be supported.

Goodbye Custom Rating Prompts

Apple has always excelled at keeping things user-first and 2017 is no different. In addition to enforcing a cap of three rating prompts per year, developers can no longer request a user to rate its app through in-app pop-ups if the user has already rated the app. A user can also disable the in-app rating prompt by turning it off under the "In-App Ratings & Reviews." The good news is that if the developer opts in, the star ratings will be retained across updates to give an aggregate view of the app rating.

[Source: 9To5Mac]

Blue Bar of Shame for Apps with “Always” Location Setting

iOS 11 brings in stringent measures for apps which collect the location in “Always” mode.

The user will be able to opt for location setting: “While Using the App,” even if the developer didn’t surface it earlier. In iOS 10, if an app was set to use location “Only While Using the App,” a blue bar would appear indicating the app’s location usage while transitioning from the app to the Home screen. In iOS 11, this functionality is extended to the apps with location usage set to “Always.”

Apple Brings Discovery to the Forefront

iOS 11 has a completely overhauled app store experience. To aid better discovery, “Apps” and “Games” will be separate menu tabs coupled with a tidy “Today” tab showcasing featured apps. Another noteworthy change is on the app store page design, where the app’s rank within its category will be listed for users.

[Source: Apple]

Although there were many more updates announced at the WWDC 2017, this blog covers the updates most relevant to app monetization. As always, acting upon these pointers at the earliest will help attract more valuable users and create more value for them.

We at InMobi too are preparing for the iOS 11 readiness with SDK 700, available in September 2017.

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