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Tilt, Tap, Pan, & Zoom Your Video With InMobi SDK 700

Mona Sharma
Senior Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on September 20, 2017

Here’s a question: what is more engaging - a monologue or a dialogue?

We asked ourselves the same question while building our latest SDK. What would it take to deeply engage with users while keeping our promise to advertisers and publishers?

That’s why we decided to build a platform that establishes a dialogue with the users by allowing them to interact using native mobile capabilities such as zoom, tilt, tap and pan.

Six months (and several beers) later...

We are pleased to announce InMobi’s iOS 11 and Android O-compliant SDK 700 which offers the most comprehensive programmatic video suite in the industry.

The latest SDK from InMobi brings new and improved ad formats coupled with several under-the-hood changes improving the efficiency of internal APIs, simplifying integration and optimizing ad caching.

So what’s new?

[Industry’s First] Instant, Interactive Video Ads

With the InMobi SDK 700, advertisers can now leverage the native mobile capabilities such as zoom, tilt, tap and pan to elicit user response. These Interactive Videos are VAST 4.0 compliant, instant experiences delivered via WebGL or HTML5/CSS3.0/JS.

Playable Ads to Supercharge Video Monetization

Increase your video monetization by adding InMobi Playables to the mix! InMobi Playables are lightweight, experiential ads which allow users to test drive an app before downloading it. At InMobi, we have seen Playable Ads boost user engagement by 2.5X.

[Industry’s First] 1080p - True HD Video Experience

With several under-the-hood enhancements, InMobi SDK 700 brings a true HD video viewing experience to users at full 1080p resolution. Our SDK-powered buffer-free true HD ads load faster and use 70-80% lesser bandwidth while taking 40% less space on devices.

A Video for Every App Environment

Full-Screen | Rewarded | In-Feed | In-Stream | Out-Stream | Splash Video

The InMobi SDK 700 maximizes mobile opportunities with video ad placements tailored to every app’s unique environment. InMobi video ads guarantee high value for your inventory with static ads available via publisher controls as a fallback to always ensure a high ad fill rate.

Revamped Native Ads Integration

We have re-written the beginning, middle and end of the native advertising experience at InMobi. These revamped native ads give publishers complete control over the look and feel of the ad while maintaining the sanctity of the advertiser’s image or video. For more details, please refer to these guidelines: iOS, Android.

Once a Year Upgrade Cycle

Keeping up our promise of minimal SDK releases, the InMobi SDK upgrade will occur only once a year in tandem with the annual OS releases.

Plus, upgrading your InMobi SDK has never been easier! Please refer to our Migrating to SDK 700 support page to get started and download the InMobi SDK today!

Download SDK 700

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