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Unlock the Power of Mobile Moments For Your Australian Audience

Aswini Bommakanti
Marketing Manager, Brand & Programmatic solutions - APAC
5 min read
Posted on November 14, 2017

Having the right in-app strategy can deliver transformative results for any brand, across various campaign objectives. Today, when 60% of all online consumption is happening on mobile, users spend over 90% of their mobile device time in-app, with entertainment, gaming and productivity apps taking the lion’s share of that time. This trend signals a major shift in user behavior - mobiles are fast becoming the primary screen with apps having become the most frequented digital destinations for users across the world.

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What’s interesting about the rise of mobile app usage is that globally, users’ mobile consumption patterns are not consistent - they vary through the day based on factors such as time of day, app category, user demographic and much more. InMobi conducted a research study on how Australian users engage with their mobile devices throughout the day. This research study goes to show how crucial it is for marketers to build an adaptive in-app programmatic strategy, enabling them to tailor their brand messages to changing user moments throughout the day.

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