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InMobi Sell-Side Platform Now Integrated Across Leading In-App Header Bidding Platforms

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
4 min read
Posted on July 28, 2021
InMobi Sell-Side Platform Now Integrated Across Leading In-App Header Bidding Platforms

Publishers are embracing in-app header bidding as their preferred monetization solution as advertisers have increasingly found more value in such inventory. This is a large shift from just two years ago when there was widespread scepticism on the role of header bidding in the in-app environment. It is our belief that this shift is now only going to gain steam, and we will be in a bidding-first ecosystem not before too long.   

InMobi has been championing this shift for years now, and so we are super excited to announce that InMobi is now integrated with substantially all the leading in-app header bidding platforms in the market. We have established connections with AppLovin’s MAXAmazon’s TAMUnity LevelPlay, PrebidDT FairBid and Google’s Open Bidding.  
This allows publishers to add InMobi as a demand source on the in-app header bidding platform of their choice. As a result, publishers can expect to see significant increase in operational efficiency as they no longer have to manually optimize floors. Advertisers, meanwhile, gain access to the entire spectrum of in-app header bidding inventory in the world through a single exchange. 

“InMobi has long believed that in-app header bidding is the best way forward for both app publishers and advertisers. And now that InMobi is leading the way by being the first programmatic ad exchange to be integrated with all major header bidding solutions, we are closer to making header bidding the norm in the in-app advertising ecosystem at large,” said Kunal Nagpal, SVP and GM, Publisher Platform and Exchange at InMobi.   

Unlock Benefits with In-App Header Bidding 

In-app header bidding is great for many reasons, but here are a few that will help you value these types of auctions, as a publisher or an advertiser, when you work with InMobi:  

For Publishers 

1) Greater Monetization Results: Drive competition by exposing your impressions to 100+ DSPs in real-time and fetch higher monetization returns. Publishers have witnessed 3x eCPMs and 5x ad revenue growth via InMobi’s bidding integrations. 

2) No Latency, More Transparency: Avoid ad latency while gaining complete transparency with a unified action that helps you identify the buyers offering the highest value for every impression in real time.  

3) Improved Operational Efficiency: Save time and improve the operational efficiency of your resources by eliminating manual floor optimization through automated yield optimization tools. 

4) Effortless Integration: Get started easily by adding InMobi as a demand source on your current in-app header bidding platform. 

App developers that have partnered with InMobi for header bidding have seen consistent growth in their monetization performance. “With bidding, we are able to optimize our advertising revenue by placing all of our apps' inventory, including video and display, up for auction to be bid on by all demand sources, like InMobi, at the same time,” said Sergei Efimov, CRO of FunCorp, a leading global developer of entertainment tech products and apps. “By increasing competition for our inventory through in-app header bidding, we’re able to increase our eCPMs overall and thus increase advertising revenue.”  

For Advertisers 

1) Maximum Reach and Impressions: Get first-look access to 100% of publishers’ header bidding inventory on a neutral platform with no bias towards InMobi’s own apps, mediation customers or any demand source. Access a wide range of users across thousands of apps and dozens of app categories. 

2) More Pricing Flexibility: Say goodbye to waterfall tiers and see 100% of users without being tied to historical CPMs. Customize your bids down to the user level without sacrificing campaign scale, thanks to first-price auctions that keep your bids competitive in the final auction. 

3) Better KPIs, Greater Predictability: InMobi’s reach and diversity, thanks to our header bidding partnerships combined with our optimized and uniform ad experiences, helps advertisers hit better performance metrics over a larger publisher pool, with greater predictability. 

4) One Platform For Everything In-App: With 100% first-look access, advertisers can simplify their supply paths via a single platform that is not “in-app also.” InMobi Exchange has been at the forefront of in-app advertising innovation – not only delivering on campaign KPIs but also helping you stay ahead of the industry shifts. 

The buy side is seeing the benefits as well. “With header bidding, we have more flexibility in finding the required scale at the right price with our target users. And with a single integration path via InMobi Exchange, we can now look forward to simpler supply paths, optimized performance across a diverse set of publishers and greater return on our ad spends, all adding up to our supply path optimization (SPO) goals,” said Dennis Mink, SVP of Marketing at Liftoff.   

If you would like to get started, our Customer Success Managers/Demand Partner Managers are here to help. If you need more information, email us at

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