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Announcement: InMobi Now Partnering With TrueData

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on October 01, 2021
Announcement: InMobi Now Partnering With TrueData

InMobi is excited to announce that we are now partnering with TrueData! TrueData's Identity Resolution Platform is a leading data solution in the market, and InMobi is thrilled to partner with an industry leader in this all-too-important space.  

Thanks to our owned-and-operated mobile properties alongside our wide SDK footprint, we were already well on our way to completing better data to our advertiser partners – working with TrueData is another key step for us to meet this ambition. 

In particular, this partnership will help us provide a better identity offering to our brand and agency advertiser customers. Between the expected deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome by 2020 to Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework and legal guidelines like GDPR and CCPA, it’s becoming more difficult for advertisers to identify their best audiences online. The collaboration allows us to enhance our identity resolution capabilities and match consumers across multiple identifiers (like LiveRamp’s ATS).  

The partnership also enables us to significantly scale our view of apps owned by consumers, along with providing us with additional location data. As a result, advertisers can be even more targeted in their outreach and gain a much deeper understanding of the consumers they’re trying to reach.  

“We’re proud to partner with TrueData to offer an elegant solution to help our clients understand, identify, engage and acquire the audiences most important to them.” says Greg Archibald, Senior Vice President of North America Media at InMobi. “We’re leveraging the power of data to create what we believe will be the widest, deepest and cleanest data lake that allows for more targeted advertising across screens, leading to more meaningful conversations with a larger audience.”    

Who will benefit from the new partnership? The solution works across all verticals, especially consumer packaged goods and retail, allowing a wide variety of advertisers to match consumers across different devices with the sophistication and scale they expect.    

“We’re excited to facilitate open and independent identity resolution through our partnership with InMobi,” says Jon Durkee, Chief Customer Officer at TrueData. “TrueData’s omnichannel Identity Resolution Platform connects every notion of a person and household to their digital devices so that platforms like InMobi can create meaningful conversations with advertisers at scale.”   

Ready to leverage the power of InMobi + TrueData for your next mobile advertising campaign? Reach out today to learn more and to get started. 

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