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Announcing InMobi Exchange Customer Advisory Board

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on November 21, 2019
Announcing InMobi Exchange Customer Advisory Board

We are excited to announce the formation of a Customer Advisory Board for InMobi Exchange! Our flagship Customer Advisory Board features an array of forward-thinking, programmatic-first companies who will help chart the course of InMobi’s innovation as we continue our mission of providing a fully transparent, safe and data-driven programmatic marketplace.

Who Is Participating?

Ad Tech industry disruptors and thought-leaders including but not limited to executives from some of the industry’s most recognized DSPs, Agencies, Brands and Publishers.

Why Participate?

  • Meet with the leading voices in the programmatic industry.
  • Learn about how other companies are using technology to solve and scale their programmatic businesses.
  • Have your ideas and voice heard, and have the ability to materially influence one of the world’s leading programmatic exchanges.

Why Are We Convening This Advisory Board?

Here at InMobi, we have built our success on customer compassion, scale and transparency. The Customer Advisory Board is a significant way for InMobi to understand our customers’ goals and key initiatives so we can align with your vision and better ensure our shared success.

Since InMobi's early days, we've sat side by side with customers to work on solutions to their key revenue challenges. As we’ve grown and continue to grow, building on those meaningful engagements with customers has been our top priority. We’re constantly looking for more and better ways to understand their business goals. Our Customer Advisory Board is a key channel, among many others, to keep those conversations going.

The new Customer Advisory Board represents the latest initiative to encourage customers and partners to steer the future of how InMobi provides value to our growing customer base worldwide as brands navigate the fast-changing landscape of programmatic technology.

By participating in our advisory board, you are in the driver’s seat and can push forward meaningful change that will directly impact both your bottom line and the industry at large. The goal of this board to gather together the top talent in the mobile programmatic space to discuss how we can move the InMobi Exchange and our industry forward in a beneficial way.

Interested in participating? Reach out to your InMobi contact to see if this event is right for now. Our first gathering of the InMobi Customer Advisory Board will occur in early 2020 in Northern California.

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