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Building a Career With InMobi Commerce: Dan Rapaport

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
4 min read
Posted on September 13, 2023
Building a Career With InMobi Commerce: Dan Rapaport

Meet Dan Rapaport, VP of Product for InMobi Commerce. Having joined the team in June 2023, Dan talks about the journey as a retail media product leader and what led him to InMobi.


What made you join the commerce team at InMobi?

Retail media is the fastest-growing branch of ad tech and martech, and I have been working in this industry for over a decade now. What excited me about this opportunity at InMobi was the company’s depth of experience in the mobile ecosystem, which is the primary conduit of online commerce and media. The team is leveraging this history to create truly differentiated solutions to real problems shared by advertisers and retailers in this new frontier of media.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

It’s definitely being able to work with a team that is laser-focused on solving real customer problems with innovative solutions. The leadership here sets the tone of innovation and it is threaded in our way of thinking, culture, and everything that we do here. You can see this in very basic things like how we confront problems and solve them for our customers.

How do you see the future of InMobi Commerce unfolding?

At InMobi Commerce, we solve for more than just monetizing fleeting opportunities to show paid media, we bring depth that allows advertisers and retailers to work together and create truly novel retail solutions for consumers. Our enthusiastic approach to solving customer problems is what sets us apart and that is what makes us one of the most innovative companies. I could not be more excited to be a part of this and see InMobi Commerce grow exponentially.

Watch the video and see Dan talk candidly about InMobi Commerce.

To work with leaders like Dan and join the InMobi Commerce team, explore opportunities on our careers page.

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