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Building a Career With InMobi Commerce: Sriram V

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on August 10, 2023
Building a Career With InMobi Commerce: Sriram V

Meet Sriram, Head of Engineering for InMobi Commerce. Discover all that Sriram has to share about the team and what they are working toward in this conversation with us.


Tell us about the engineering team at InMobi Commerce

We at InMobi Commerce are on the journey of building the number-one retail media platform from scratch to planet scale. We strive to work towards excellence with our consistency, pace, and disciplined execution. True to InMobi values, the team is ridiculously customer-centric and customer-first. Being in an early stage, we conduct weekly demo days to hear from the customers and the markets. Driven by speed and inspired by smart minds, we love working hard. 

What is InMobi Commerce working towards and solving?

Some of the hard problems that we are working towards and are presently tackling are around delivering the most relevant commerce ads at scale, designing the systems to deliver thousand to millions of queries per second, at sub-100 milli-second latency, with the availability of five 9s.  

Tell us a bit about the tech stack at InMobi Commerce

We are cloud-native, on Microsoft Azure, our system is based on micro-services architecture using SpringBoot and Java, and our data engineering pipelines are on Databricks, hence you will see a lot of Spark, Scala, and Python. Our user interfaces are built on React and our SDK is built using vanilla Javascript. We strive for engineering excellence through rigorous automation. 

Any tips for new joiners looking to succeed in the team?

As we grow our team, there are a few tips that I would want to share. Be curious and passionate about what you are working towards. Build a co-founder mindset, that encourages you to become independent and take ownership of your work. 

What keeps you excited about working at InMobi?

Some things that keep me excited about working at InMobi are the space to grow, the freedom to operate, and the autonomy to make decisions. The support from the leadership enables us to dream big in making ICC the number one retail media platform out there.  

Watch the video to find out more about what Sriram has to share about InMobi Commerce.

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