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My Growth Story at InMobi: Amy Weber

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on July 18, 2023
My Growth Story at InMobi: Amy Weber

A mother, a student, and a career-driven woman – Amy has taken up all three roles as she moves forward. A journey of unconventional choices and paths that have led her to where she is today, Amy shares it all with us in this candid conversation. Here is what she has to say about her growth journey at InMobi and much more.


How your journey at InMobi has been so far?

I started at InMobi as a Senior Customer Success Manager in 2021, where I got to understand our product suite and all our offerings in great depth while working with the clients directly by being the face of our campaigns and trading team. As a new joiner at the time, the role really helped me understand the company and our various product lines.

From there, I was quickly promoted to becoming a pod lead for a team of quick-serve restaurants (QSR) and retail customer success managers. While I was thoroughly enjoying this new role with added responsibilities and a broader spectrum with more strategic thinking and goals, I soon made a complete shift and took up a sales role.

Around October 2022, I switched to the position of Senior Sales Manager, which is my current role as well. I now work with the East Coast sales team in North America, where we are actively doing business with agencies in the region, helping them realize the power and benefits of in-app advertising.

Amy Weber, Senior Sales Manager, InMobi

How has your team encouraged or enabled your growth?

It’s been only two and a half years for me at InMobi, and I have experienced rapid growth in these last few years. In less than a year, I was promoted and I believe that was because my potential and aspirations have been truly recognized and appreciated. While I always discussed these things in my one-on-ones, my manager has always come to me with my growth path and encouraged me to pursue that path confidently.

Even when I was making the shift to sales, it was my team that first recognized the passion that stirred all my social interactions with the clients and how my technical knowledge of the product suite would fit perfectly in a more client-facing role.

What has made you stay with the organization?

The work-life balance that I have been able to maintain while working at InMobi has definitely been the number one reason for me being with the company. Being a mother of a toddler, my family is a big priority for me and I have been able to be all in on the personal front while making no sacrifices in my professional growth. There are times when a “muffins with mom” day at school clashes with critical business hours, and I have always had my team supporting me in times like that. This is something that I have been very appreciative of and it makes me want to give my best and always return the favor.

Another really important factor has been InMobi’s dedication and emphasis on the learning and development of employees. The iLead-Milestone training that I went through when I got promoted to manager was an experience that reinstated my belief in how committed the organization is to growth and development, irrespective of geographical barriers.

Amy Weber, Senior Sales Manager, InMobi

What makes you excel at work and keeps you motivated?

The non-traditional path that led me to where I am today has always been a factor that has pushed me to put in that extra effort to excel and is a constant motivation for me to keep giving my best.

Before I was introduced to the ad tech world, I was actually in a completely different industry and had pursued a career as a fashion model for over ten years, straight out of high school. After ten years in the fashion industry, I wanted to transition into a more traditional career path. This wasn’t an easy transition, given I had taken a non-conventional path of not going to college after high school. It was then that I started working with a friend’s demand-side platform agnostic trading desk business. That opened the world of ad tech for me, and I worked with three start-ups after that, all in account management roles, before I finally joined InMobi. It’s safe to say the unique journey that I have had so far is what keeps me going and encourages me to work hard.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join InMobi?

The most simple and direct answer is to put your best foot forward and know that your talent will be recognized. It’s a two-way street here, you put in the effort and dedication towards your work while exhibiting your passion for the industry, and the company will invest in your growth and reciprocate.

Amy Weber, Senior Sales Manager, InMobi

A bit about your life outside work

My family is the most important aspect of my life outside work now, which is comprised of my husband and our four-year-old son. I have grown up living in Southern California, and we spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking to hot springs in the mountains, or spending time at the beach.

Before I started my career in the fashion industry, I was a competitive synchronized swimmer. I was on the junior national synchronized swimming team and was completely committed to that between the ages of six to 15. I am very used to pouring everything into one thing that I put my focus on and perfecting it.

Now, as I am working towards building a more conventional and stable life with more growth opportunities, I have also started pursuing my college degree. I am studying digital audiences and have three semesters left before I graduate. Coming in with a lot of on-ground prior experience has allowed me to be more involved and absorb everything that I am studying with a much deeper understanding, which has been super fun and meaningful. I am excited to pursue MBA or master’s next. InMobi’s support in this unconventional journey makes it even more worthwhile and fruitful and makes me feel valued.


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