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How InMobi Commerce Powers Smarter Retail Media Campaigns

Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes
5 min read
Posted on May 19, 2022
How InMobi Commerce Powers Smarter Retail Media Campaigns

When evaluating retail media platforms, advertisers are looking for the retailers that most effectively help reach their target audience and achieve their advertising goals. While some advertisers might have the time and resources to manually select keywords and optimize campaigns daily, why would you want to?  

With InMobi Commerce’s self-service, automatic optimization platform, advertisers can effectively “set and forget” their retail media campaigns and trust they’ll hit their advertising goals.  

This means retailers can unlock recurring budgets from more brands, particularly mid- and long-tail brands, that can’t or don’t want to dedicate the resources to campaign management.  

What if you could “set and forget” your retail media ad campaign and trust that you’ll hit your advertising goals?  

Create Campaigns With Ease 

Launching retail media campaigns shouldn’t be complicated or require a massive “hands-on keyboards” team. In just five simple steps, including pressing “launch,” advertisers can go live with their campaigns with InMobi Commerce.  

Automatic campaigns can be set up in just two minutes without advertisers needing to worry about which keywords to bid on or how much to set as their starting bid. Advertisers just need to input their key indicators of campaign success, like desired return on ad spend (ROAS), and InMobi’s AI engines will continuously optimize their campaign with the right keyword and bid value. This means that brands of all sizes brands can ensure they are hitting ROI goals from day one.  

Our AI-powered, automatic campaign optimization not only works in search pages, but we have also extended the solution to ads that run on category to product targeting too. This is because our goal is to help advertisers and retailers create a full-funnel product discovery and retail media experience.  

AI-Powered Automatic Targeting  

The platform intelligently finds the right campaign keywords — helping advertisers reach shoppers more effectively and delivering a better ROAS.  

In addition to automating keyword targeting, our platform also helps advertisers find relevant product and category pages that are most likely to influence purchase decisions along the shopper’s journey.  

Advertisers want to make sure they don’t lose out on any opportunity to reach their target shopper – either with awareness-focused video experiences or with video experiences aimed at driving lower-funnel conversions – and they want to show up on all relevant and profitable pages. However, most advertisers don’t have the time or resources to analyze the full breadth of category pages, search terms, competitor pages, and more available on a retailer’s site.   

InMobi Commerce’s automatic targeting feature determines the list of keywords and pages that are most likely to help advertisers reach their campaign goals, helping them diversify their targeting and reach consumers throughout their purchase journey.  

Automatic targeting capabilities also help advertisers quickly react and adapt their ad strategy to keep up with their competition’s bid strategy without overspending or missing campaign goals. Our platform is able to continuously find all the possible pages where an advertiser could outbid their competition without missing out on their expected ROAS goals.   

Continual Campaign and Bid Optimization

Finally, InMobi can also help eliminate the headache of finding the right bid values for a campaign. The platform can reduce and increase the bid value to help achieve campaign objectives. 

During the lifetime of a campaign, several factors can impact performance, including changes in consumer behavior, increased competition on high-value keywords or pages and more. These problems can be addressed by optimizing your targeting strategy, but also by refining your bidding strategy.  
Our automatic campaign solution continuously monitors user behavior and ad competition across each category page or key search terms. Whenever there is a change, not only does our system capture that, but we are also able to modify the bid value and add/remove targeting parameters that would help an advertiser reach their campaign goals. Because the platform operates within the boundary of your expected profitability, you never have to worry about overspending. 

This can be done all be done automatically, or advertisers can manually approve which optimizations to make in their campaign. This continuous monitoring helps brands stay above their target ROAS at any point in time and eliminates the need to manually intervene timely to keep up with the customer behavior and the competition.  

Interested in learning more about InMobi Commerce? Head to today. 

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