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InMobi + Appsumer: Joining Forces To Improve Mobile Performance Advertising

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on October 13, 2021
InMobi + Appsumer: Joining Forces To Improve Mobile Performance Advertising

Acquiring new app users is harder than ever before, with so many changes in the industry underway. And yet, it’s never been more critical to get new users for your app, as new ways of shopping, consuming media, communicating and doing so much more are now becoming the norm. 

So what can app-first businesses do in this environment? How can apps acquire new users at scale amidst all of the tumult in the mobile space? 

InMobi has long been helping businesses on mobile and we are excited to take one step further in this journey: Appsumer will soon be part of the InMobi family. 

If you don’t know them already, Appsumer is a performance insight platform for mobile app advertisers that provides a 360-degree view allowing advertisers to turn complex data into rich insights. Based in London, Appsumer has been the intelligence platform of choice for performance marketing teams at consumer brands, including Miniclip, Picsart, Viber and more. 

What does the pending acquisition mean for our app partners and advertising customers? Appsumer’s technology platform, intellectual property and team will support InMobi’s end-to-end advertising stack and allow marketers to assess their performance marketing spend all in one place. Appsumer’s platform offers marketers no-code integrations with more than 100 marketing channels, customizable dashboards for clients to build and track goals and KPIs, and daily processing of marketing data for more accurate measurement and informed decision making.  

“Appsumer brings a next-generation approach for advertisers to better understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts across multiple channels that growth marketing teams employ daily,” said Abhay Singhal, Co-Founder of InMobi Group and CEO of InMobi Marketing. “The solution makes it easy to map all mobile performance media investment to business outcomes; Shumel and his team are well known industry leaders and visionaries in their field and will play an instrumental role in driving InMobi’s next wave of growth and innovation.”   

And, we are thrilled that all Appsumer staff—which has built a leading Top 100 UK start-up--will be joining InMobi and supporting our shared mission. This allows Appsumer to ensure client service continuity and further develop and support the analytics and automation offering under the InMobi umbrella. Appsumer will continue operating independently as a subsidiary within the global InMobi organizational structure. 

“Joining forces with InMobi potentially represents an exponential growth path for our pioneering technology,” said Shumel Lais, CEO and Founder of Appsumer. “I’m excited that Appsumer has the opportunity to get into the hands of even more developers and marketing teams worldwide to leverage our offering, to become the default home for growth marketing.”   

Interested in learning more about this acquisition and what it means for you? Reach out today for more information

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