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InMobi Expands Bidding Integration with Google

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
2 min read
Posted on May 10, 2022
InMobi Expands Bidding Integration with Google

We are thrilled to announce that InMobi’s bidding integration with Google is now available to all publishers on Google’s Ad Manager. Our initial release in July 2021 was only available for publishers with in-app inventory on Ad Manager 360 and AdMob.  

We have expanded the partnership to support publishers using all versions of Ad Manager and publishers monetizing mobile web inventory can now add InMobi as a real-time ad source.  

To support faster onboarding, we now support Onboard Online on Ad Manager or the ability to set up a partnership directly on AdMob. 

Are you considering adding InMobi to your list of real-time bidders? Here are some points to note: 

  • There is no SDK integration required as InMobi connects with Google using an openRTB integration.  
  • We support static banners, static interstitial and video ads (includes interstitial, RV, instream) on in-app and we support static banners and instream video ads only on mobile web. 
  • Support for native on in-app is currently in a closed beta with few publishers and support for native on mobile-web is currently in the works. 

 interstitial ads

We recommend going through Google’s official documentation on the GAM and AdMob support portals for more information. If you would like to get started, email us at googlebidding@inmobi.com for the next steps.   

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