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InMobi Wins 4 Prestigious Recognitions at The Drum APAC Awards 2021

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on December 09, 2021
InMobi Wins 4 Prestigious Recognitions at The Drum APAC Awards 2021

With mobile becoming the primary screen for consumers worldwide in understanding, identifying, engaging, and acquiring consumers, marketers increasingly turned to mobile campaigns to successfully drive their business objectives in the last few years. The Drum APAC Awards recognizes impactful campaigns that brands deliver on mobile that not only grab the eyeballs of the consumers but also make a difference to the world we live in. 

InMobi leads the way in pioneering innovation in a mobile-first advertising ecosystem, winning four key awards at the APAC edition of The Drum Digital Advertising Awards this year. 

Learn about what makes these campaigns truly shine as we outline the success stories of our award-winning campaigns. Read on to know more. 

Campaign #1: L'Oreal #StandUp  

L'Oréal Paris launched the #StandUp campaign with Hollaback to combat street harassment in Indonesia. To expand the reach and popularize the campaign across the Archipelago, the brand delivered a thought-provoking, interactive video experience to educate Indonesians on the appropriate way to react when faced with such street harassment. InMobi helped deliver tailored video communication to victims and bystanders on the appropriate ways to react and encouraged both groups to #StandUp against harassment. 

As a result, L'Oréal reached a massive 1.9 million unique users educating them on the best ways to react to the situation. The immersive video ads saw record levels of engagement and drove over 10,000 sign-ups to the training program.  

To learn more about the inspirational campaign, click here.  

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Campaign #2: Lifebuoy CARE  

 When Lifebuoy identified that 2 out of 3 Indonesians washed their hands without soap, the brand decided to launch an educative campaign during the pandemic. As the first step to raising awareness on the importance of handwashing, Lifebuoy ran a survey on InMobi Pulse across six regions in Indonesia. The survey aimed to understand the evolving behavior of consumers and precautionary measures they take week-on-week. Apart from this claimed behavior by Indonesians, the brand also considered observed behavior by working with InMobi's Audience Intelligence Platform to evaluate footfall in leisure destinations across each province.   

By combining these data sources, Lifebuoy developed a CARE Preparedness Score for each user. Based on the CARE score, the brand delivered tailored video ads on social distancing, handwashing, and overall COVID preparedness. This Personalized Service Announcement influenced Indonesians to consider COVID-preventive measures second nature in their daily lives. As a result, the brand reached 6.8 million users with 72 different ad creatives and recorded 14.1 million video views. 

To learn more about this highly inspirational campaign, click here

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Campaign #3: Dancow #BundaBangga  

Nestlé's DANCOW is a milk brand exclusively created to meet the needs of toddlers aged between 1 and 5 years. To help mothers understand the importance of wholesome nutrition and their support in the growth of their toddlers, the brand partnered with InMobi and Glance and launched a mobile-only campaign. 

The brand created an interactive full-screen rich media experience with a powerful message that encouraged Indonesian mothers to join the #BundaBangga (#ProudMother) movement to celebrate motherhood. The creative focused on delivering the innate message of how proud mothers are the reason for their kid's happiness and served a highly engaging promo card that encouraged mothers to buy DANCOW's products. 

As a result of the mobile-first movement, the brand saw unparalleled growth at every stage of the consumer journey. A 93% increase in sales was seen via e-commerce platforms, and an inspiring 1.4 million Indonesian mothers joined the #BundaBangga movement. 

To learn more about the inspiring campaign, click here

The Drum APAC Awards Winners

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