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App Onboarding Checks at InMobi

Sreeshna Sreekishan
Sreeshna Sreekishan
Marketing Manager
2 min read
Posted on November 12, 2019
App Onboarding Checks at InMobi

Trust and transparency concerns have dominated ad tech headlines over the past few years, with the focus primarily remaining on traffic quality. As fraud continues to evolve, the need for a definitive strategy regarding advertising environments both from a brand safety as well as a user experience perspective has emerged. The term “brand safety” here refers to considerations, practices and tools to ensure that advertising does not appear in a context that is inappropriate for a brand. It is a hygiene factor along with other concepts including viewability, ad fraud and invalid traffic.

InMobi continues to strengthen its commitment in this regard by enhancing its app onboarding checks beyond the standard levers set by the industry. Instead, a dedicated in-house team evaluates each app across 21 different parameters, which can be broadly categorized across the following themes:

  • High-Risk Content
  • User-Generated Content
  • Dynamic Content / Page Context
  • Get Rich Schemes / Pyramid Schemes / Work from Home Schemes
  • Ad Placements
  • Ad Cluttering and Invasive Pop-Ups
  • App Functionality
  • In-App User Experience
  • User Ratings and Reviews

This is in addition to the typical checks that are covered by InMobi’s content policy guidelines such as violence, hate speech, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, illegal activities and violence — all subject to a specific country’s laws and regulations. Other grey areas include fake news, un-moderated user-generated content and copyright infringement. The team evaluates such idiosyncrasies, explores the level of tolerance based on current industry limitations/ regional tolerance and arrives at providing a specific rating to each app.

Post evaluation, the app is given one of the following ratings: high, medium and low. Apps that fail to comply with the rating standards will not be onboarded by InMobi. Additionally, as a part of proactive policing, live apps will be periodically monitored and reviewed for similar checks when there is an app update in the app stores.

By increasing the number of controls and evaluating apps on a variety of factors beyond pre-existing standards, InMobi aims to build a safe in-app ecosystem that prioritizes the needs of both buyers and users.

Interested in learning how you can leverage our new standards? Set up time with your InMobi representative to learn more.

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