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Who Uses Apps to Meet Their Fitness-Related New Year's Resolutions?

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on November 26, 2019
Who Uses Apps to Meet Their Fitness-Related New Year's Resolutions?

To meet their main New Year’s resolutions (and to stay on top of their health and fitness goals overall), many people turn to apps. There are hundreds of apps now available to help you keep track of your runs, access workouts virtually, monitor calories and overall stay on top of every element of your health routines. In fact, in January 2019, some of the top health and fitness apps included MyFitnessPal, among others.

Who specifically uses these apps? To find out, we turned again to InMobi Pulse. Using our high-quality, first-party telco data, we can see what makes their customers tick.

Working Out Who Actually Uses Health and Fitness Apps

Here’s a brief snapshot of the average owner of seven of the top fitness apps from January 2019:

  • The vast majority of app owners are female. Across these apps, between 59% and 85% of their app owners are female. For most apps in other categories, like pizza or streaming video, most app owners are male.
  • More or less, app owners are likely to be between 26 and 45 years old; for most apps, 40% or more of their app owners fall into this age range. But, for fitness brands that have been around for longer, their average age range tends to skewer slightly older, with more of their audience being in the 56 to 75 age range. Between 14% and 25% of app owners are between 46 and 55, depending on the app.
  • The bulk of app owners in this category have annual salaries between $50,000 and $100,000.
  • The demographics for each app does vary significantly. While some of the apps have a majority White audience (as high as 74% for one), others are majority Non-White.
  • For the most part, app owners are serious fitness enthusiasts. Most have multiple apps on their mobile devices relating to health and fitness, and don’t rely on just one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some app owners will often spend one to two hours a day on average using these kinds of properties.
  • More often than not, these app owners are commonly found in Texas, Florida and California; not only are these highly-populous states, but they also have better weather than most other states in the U.S.! Dieting to lose weight and exercising to stay in shape were top New Year’s resolutions in these states in 2019.
  • Around three-fourths of app owners are married homeowners. Well over half have at least one child in their home, and over a third have at least some college education.

How To Use This Data To Inform Your Mobile Ad Campaigns

These insights are interesting, but how can all of this information from InMobi Pulse be used to more intelligently allocate in-app and mobile ad spend?

Identifying and Engaging Fitness Enthusiasts

As always, audience segmenting and targeting through InMobi Audiences is key. For health- and fitness-focused brands, it’s a good idea to go after people who are likely to be a top user of your products or services.

Here’s a small sampling of what ideal audience segments in this space look like:

  • Gym Visitors
  • Health and Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Health and Wellness (Users who consume app usage and mobile web content associated with fitness, diet and exercise)
  • Sports and Recreation Store Visitors (Users who have visited a sports and recreation store at least once in the last 30 days)
  • Tennis Court Visitors (Users who have visited a tennis court at least once in the last 30 days)
  • Basketball Court Visitors (Users who have visited a basketball court at least once in the last 30 days)
  • Sports Club Visitors (Users who have visited a sports club at least once in the last 90 days)
  • Golf Fanatics

Use InMobi’s Location Trails to target users, such as Gym Visitors, that are highly likely to download health and fitness apps. And, consumer behavioral data can be leveraged to connect with individuals interested in sport and exercise, and increase footfall (should that be a goal).

With InMobi Audiences, audience composition and definition are clearly communicated, so marketers can be confident about every aspect of their campaign targeting. Using InMobi's unique, accurate and always-on audiences, you will be able to tailor your targeting to reach the highest value consumers perfect for your business goals.

Engaging and Acquiring Fitness Enthusiasts

How else can this data be leveraged? It’s also especially critical for app user acquisition. For health and fitness apps, it’s critical to strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on the opportunity presented by New Year’s resolutions.

From a creative standpoint, it can be helpful to personalize ads as much as possible. For example, for this audience, it’s likely better to include palm trees than it is to include snow, since many app owners in this category live in warmer states.

Curious to see more insights on the health and fitness space or any other industry segment? Reach out today to learn more about InMobi Pulse.


InMobi Pulse builds a holistic understanding of the customers from across data sources ranging from the InMobi ad exchange which reaches 1.6 billion users globally to permissively-sourced deterministic first-party telco data to stated feedback directly from the customers.

Our Commitment to Data Privacy: What You Need to Know About This Data

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