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AI-Powered Campaigns Deliver Over 2X Higher Conversion Rate for Advertisers

Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes
3 min read
Posted on September 09, 2022
AI-Powered Campaigns Deliver Over 2X Higher Conversion Rate for Advertisers

Creating successful retail media campaigns that consistently deliver results can seem daunting for many advertisers.  

InMobi Commerce has partnered with a specialty grocery retailer to provide their advertisers with unparalleled access to high-impact, performance-driven media.  

With our self-service, AI-powered optimization platform, advertisers can effectively “set and forget” their retail media campaigns and trust they’ll hit their advertising goals.  

How Does an Automatic Campaign Work? 

InMobi Commerce’s AI-powered, automatic campaigns find the most relevant targeting parameters, site placements, and bid values enabling advertisers to go from “set-up” to “launch” in just a few simple steps.  

Automatic Campaign

Manually finding new keyword opportunities is a heavy lift for advertisers. InMobi Commerce’s AI platform programmatically discovers new keywords from shopper search logs & post -search shopper behavior (including actions like adding items to cart, visiting a product page, and completing a purchase) to improve Automatic campaign performance with zero advertiser effort constantly.  

Our AI system also continuously adjusts bids, within the advertiser’s return on ad spend (ROAS) goal and max bid input, based on data like click-through and conversion rate. With adaptive bidding, our platform can decrease Automatic campaign bids when competition is low and later increase bidding when competition is high to reach the campaign’s ROAS goal.  

AI In Action 

Advertiser’s automatic campaigns delivered:  
- 2.12X higher conversion rate than manual campaigns 
- 1.81X higher click-through-rate than manual campaigns  
- 95% of campaigns achieved a 3x return on ad spend (ROAS) 
- 57% of product sales during the campaign were driven by Automatic campaign advertisements  

AI-Powered Campaigns

Do you want to learn more about InMobi Commerce’s platform, and how we can deliver results for your retail media campaigns? Contact us today!  

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