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InMobi Brings Home 4 Awards at the MMA Smarties APAC 2021

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on December 13, 2021
InMobi Brings Home 4 Awards at the MMA Smarties APAC 2021

With smartphones emerging as the number one platform for consumers to learn, engage, and purchase on, marketers have increasingly turned to mobile to achieve their marketing objectives. InMobi has made major strides in building resilient brands and enabling them to rethink newer possibilities in connecting brands with users on mobile. Bringing these breakthroughs to the limelight, InMobi brought home four awards from the six key nominations at the MMA Smarties APAC 2021 edition.  

The Smarties APAC awards honor the most effective modern marketing efforts in the Asia Pacific. InMobi's mobile campaigns across the Philippines, Indonesia, and India have bagged prestigious Smarties wins. Here is the list of award-winning campaigns that made a mark at Smarties 2021. 

Campaign #1: Kia Sonet Revs Up with Interactive Voice Ads 

When the 2020 version of the Kia Sonet was launched, Kia India aimed to capture the mindshare of connected consumers by introducing them to the Sonet's AI Voice Command feature – Hello, Kia. This feature provided drivers control over certain key features of the car through voice commands.  

The brand leveraged InMobi's precision targeting and interactive mobile capabilities to reach car enthusiasts of the country with innovative voice-controlled ads. By targeting the right users and delivering an immersive voice-enabled mobile experience, Kia India achieved phenomenal results. The brand reached nearly 2 million unique users, and an incredible 1 out of 2 users engaged with the entire ad unit. 

Click here, to learn more about the interactive campaign. 

mma awards 2021 winners

Brand name: Kia India 
Category name: Mobile Audio/Video 
Award won: Bronze 

Campaign #2: L'Oréal #StandUp 

L'Oréal Paris launched the #StandUp campaign with Hollaback to combat street harassment in Indonesia. To expand the reach and popularize the campaign across the archipelago, the brand delivered a thought-provoking, interactive video experience to educate Indonesians about the appropriate way to react when faced with such street sexual harassment. InMobi helped deliver tailored video communication to victims and bystanders on the appropriate ways to react and encouraged both groups to #StandUp against street harassment. 

As a result, L'Oréal reached a massive 1.9 million unique users educating them on the best ways to react to the situation. The immersive video ads saw record levels of engagement and drove over 10,000 sign-ups to the training program. 

Click here to learn more about the award-winning campaign. 

award winning mobile ads

Brand name: L'Oreal Paris ID 
Category name: Cross Mobile Integration 
Award won: Bronze 

Campaign #3: Domex Disinfection Alert System

As the first lockdown restrictions in India eased up, Domex, Hindustan Unilever Limited's clinical disinfection brand, took on the responsibility of keeping Mumbai train services clean and safe for the 7.5 million daily commuters. The month-long campaign included disinfecting train platforms and ticket counters at regular intervals with Domex's Disinfectant Floor Cleaner to increase the hygiene of the highly crowded stations. The product, which had a minimum of 0.5% sodium hypochlorite, was claimed to destroy viruses and bacteria in just 60 seconds. The brand hoped to spread awareness about hygiene during the pandemic and encourage consumers to adopt the product for home use. With mobile as the primary channel, the brand polygon mapped station visitors, the API integrated mobile services ensured that the travelers got real-time messages of the recent cleaning time of their nearest stations. Domex continued this mass awareness initiative of disinfecting public spaces and helping Mumbai 'Get Back on Track' well after the campaign ended.   

Click here to learn more about the award-winning campaign. 

award winning ad campaigns

Brand name: Hindustan Unilever Limited 
Category name: Best Data-Driven Display Creative  
Award won: Silver 

Campaign #4: U-Win: Connecting with Consumers Through a Unique Value Exchange 

As the campaign is an ongoing project by Unilever, the brand would like to keep details regarding this case study confidential.  

Brand name: Unilever Philippines 
Category name: Consumer Promotions 
Award won: Bronze 

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