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InMobi Cares: InMobi Employee Benefits That Prioritize Employee Welfare

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on October 10, 2023
InMobi Cares: InMobi Employee Benefits That Prioritize Employee Welfare

At InMobi, we are committed to caring for InMobians at work and beyond. With policies and benefits that are specially crafted to nurture our inclusive culture, we believe the success of the organization is closely tied to the health and happiness of all our employees.

Here are some of our employee well-being benefits and policies that are designed to support InMobians in their different life stages and foster a fuller and more enriching life.

Parental Support

Parenthood is a life-defining journey and we at InMobi, want all the new parents amongst us to embrace this phase of life with utmost joy, without having to worry about their commitment to work and their career. Our gender-neutral parental leave policy is centered around the caregiver’s responsibility, where the parents who are primary caregivers to the child can enjoy up to seven months of paid flexi-parental leave.

Furthermore, our partnership with KLAY schools, a premium daycare service provider, covers all yound parents' exclusive discounts on daycare fees and prederential seats across KLAY centers in India. 

Time-off Policy

Understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of work and personal time off, we provide InMobians with a wide range of leave options. Guided by our value of enjoying freedom with responsibility, what makes our time-off policy special is that you need no approval for leaves up to five days.

Mental and Physical Well-being

At InMobi, we pay equal importance to the physical as well as mental well-being of all InMobians. By providing subscriptions to apps such as Calm, 1to1help, and Therapist Support, we encourage each one of us to prioritize our mental health, because good mental health is more than just the absence of illnesses.

As part of our overall wellness commitment, our cafeteria spoils InMobians with choice, providing an array of nutritional food options and live salad counters. Our onsite gym, yoga, and Zumba sessions conducted by best-in-class instructors make fitness accessible for all InMobians.

Flexible Work Environment

We at InMobi believe in providing an environment that inspires InMobians to do the best and most meaningful work of their life. Our Sabbatical policy allows all InMobians who have completed a year with us, to take a career break. From pursuing a long overdue passion, taking time off for further education, or putting on your entrepreneurial hat, we are here to support you.

Health Care Benefits

Offering the best-in-class healthcare to all InMobians and their loved ones is a top priority for us. The InMobi Flex policy is a unique insurance benefit that offers choice-based insurance plans that offer personalization based on the life stage of diverse needs of InMobians and their dependents. Our partnership with Practo, India’s largest digital healthcare platform brings together a plethora of medical facilities at no-cost or subsidized costs to all our employees and their families.

Rewards and Recognition (R&R)

The R&R programs at InMobi are designed to acknowledge the consistent hard work and commitment of InMobains. Emmy’s, a quarterly award program with multiple categories, runs across the organization to recognize the exceptional performance of teams and individuals, celebrating both small and big wins, and representing InMobi values.

But what stands out are the celebratory perks that come with completing five years and above milestones. All our long-tenured employees are spoilt with goodies of choice, from holiday packages to the latest tech gadgets.

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