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Learning And Development At InMobi: Keystone Program

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on April 14, 2023
Learning And Development At InMobi: Keystone Program

At InMobi, we understand that the success of the organization is closely tied to the personal and professional growth of our people.

iLead is the leadership learning and development curriculum at the InMobi Group. It is a journey comprising of three pitstops: Milestone – A first-time people leaders training program, Capstone – A training program for seasoned people leaders, and Keystone – A program curated for high-potential future leaders.

The Keystone program at InMobi goes beyond traditional learning methods, focusing on fostering the personal and professional growth of high-potential talent. This proactive approach falls under the Odyssey initiative, which is a long-term curriculum that identifies, nurtures, and accelerates the growth of these individuals. The Odyssey journey combines education, exposure, and experience as the three key pillars that unlock an individual’s potential. The Keystone program is integral to this initiative, representing the education pillar. It aligns with our philosophy of developing leaders within the organization, who possess the ability, ambition, and dedication to take on new and unconventional roles. The Keystone program is the first step toward an ongoing journey of learning and building and shaping the organization’s future leaders.

Here’s a sneak peek of how our learning and development team has crafted the Keystone program.

Keystone Program Structure

The Keystone program is designed for a group of mid-level high-potential individuals from across the organization surpassing roles, functions, and geographies. The selection process involved a series of complex discussions and considerations among leaders, psychometric assessments to ensure rationality and eliminate bias, and an understanding of the selected individuals' intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors. These assessments are compared to industry benchmarks for leaders and success profiles that define an InMobi Leader in line with our leadership attributes and are used to bridge any gaps as the future leaders embark on their learning journey through the program.

When asked about what sets Keystone apart from other leadership development programs, here is what Ruchi Singh, Manager of Learning & Organizational Development, said,  "Keystone is a holistic growth platform for future leaders. Based on the four leadership attributes at InMobi, we have incorporated learning elements for leaders to strengthen their leadership styles by integrating Head (How we think), Heart (How we relate), and Hand (How we get things done). Idea is to open a safe space for participants to help reflect on their limiting/ empowering beliefs & gain exposure to new perspectives and development,"

For the 2023 batch of the Keystone Program, this learning journey began with a 5-day foundational learning workshop, called the Keystone Lab. The approach of the program was to build a core understanding of leading oneself, teams, stakeholders, and the business. The curriculum was set outside the boundaries of the office and pausing the regular course of business during the days of the workshop to encourage an aspirational attitude where they think about not where they are but where they can possibly be and tap into introspective thinking of who they truly are. The days were divided into morning and evening sessions, where each day was dedicated to a specific theme. The morning sessions explored the cognitive aspect of knowledge building, with different frameworks like discussions and simulation role plays, with internal as well as external leaders coming in for the sessions. The evening sessions were dedicated to reflecting upon the morning sessions while being mindful of the five human senses and organizing stimulation workshops such as pottery (evoking the sense of touch), creating musical symphonies (sense of sound), painting (sense of sight), and so forth. This was a way of encouraging a balance between the various aspects of life, mindful thinking, understanding what it means to lead with a balance of the head and the heart, and knowing when to take a pause and reflect.

Speaking about our leadership philosophy, Sahil Mathur, Chief Human Resources Office, InMobi Group, described the program to be designed as a “Truly transformative and shedding experience.” Elaborating on the same, he further added, “Holding onto the word SHED, "S" stands for having a Strong Work Ethic, "H" for Holding oneself and the people around accountable for this journey, "E" stands for being Empathetic and humble, and "D" for demystifying and unlayering situations in an empowering manner.”

Hear from the participants of the 2023 batch:

The program was a good balance of strategic topics and topics on self-development. I especially enjoyed the application-led approach, games, simulation, role-play, and case studies more than a mere theory-led approach. Getting to hear from and interact with the leaders of the organization was an incredible experience.”

For me, the best part about the program was how we were made comfortable enough to share our vulnerabilities. The entire program made us accept and work on our limiting beliefs.

The program was a journey of self-contemplation for me, it helped me get to know myself better. The training and the lab setups were designed to prepare the participants for the worst-case situations, and the evening sessions were quite relaxing and refreshing which maintained a nice balance overall.”

During the course of the program, I got deeper insights into my beliefs and how they limit me, which helped me become more self-aware. A sense of natural acceptance has come in after COC and COI. The sessions were well-designed, and the life positions and drama triangles were especially eye-opening. The interactions with the senior leadership were highly motivating and uplifting.

“It was the first training program I attended in person post the pandemic and it was an eye-opener in many different ways and aspects. With the morning and evening workshops striking the perfect balance, it was a beautifully structured program. I am walking with so much gratitude and have since then been talking about the program and revisiting the concepts along the way.”


To learn more about the culture at InMobi, visit https://www.inmobi.com/company/careers.

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