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Learning and Development at InMobi: Capstone Program

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on October 04, 2023
Learning and Development at InMobi: Capstone Program

Learning and development are crucial aspects of individuals' professional and personal growth at all stages. At InMobi, we foster a culture of continuous learning, skill enhancement, and knowledge sharing.

iLead is the leadership learning and development curriculum at the InMobi Group. It is a journey comprising three pitstops: Milestone – A first-time people manager training program, Capstone – A training program for seasoned people leaders, and Keystone – A program curated for high-potential future leaders.

Based on the core of our people philosophy, the Capstone program focuses on growing, nurturing, and developing the talent of seasoned people leaders in the organization, while creating a cross-functional global community for learning.

Program Structure

The program is designed for a five-month course period that takes the participants on an experiential journey that intends to build self and social awareness, unlocking the true potential of leaders. The program focuses on the four InMobi leadership attributes, Bold and Ambitious; Inspire, not Manage; Make it Happen; and Being Customer Obsessed, and is segmented into four parts:

  • The Gathering

Bringing together people leaders from diverse functions, the initial weeks of the Capstone program focus on the participants interacting and meeting their peer group as they embark on this journey together. The phase is designed to help participants get an inside-out view through an authentic leadership masterclass and an outside-in perspective by undergoing a customer leadership masterclass. Exploring the foundations of leadership, identifying personal focus areas, and reflecting and aligning on the same form the core of the first segment of the program.

  • The Calling

The second stage encouraged participants to introspect and zero in on the focus of their personal journey, with the help of one-on-one speed coaching sessions.

  • The Journey

Having identified their focus areas, the group then kick-started their self-faced learning path. Workshop, simulations, and curated additional resources help build on the identified leadership attributes and challenge the practical application of the knowledge gained in the process.

  • The Homecoming

The final pitstop brings together the participants with their consolidated learnings as they gear up for their group presentations. The project compels the groups to put together unique presentations that focus on problem statements having a direct impact on people, business, and customer strategy.

The program curriculum crafted by our Learning and Development team ensured that the participants are challenged, pushed to their potential, and indulged in self-reflection while also getting the opportunity to understand the problems, experiences, and leadership approaches of their peers.

From the Participants’ Desk

“Over the course of the program, I was able to challenge my personal limiting beliefs. The opportunity to interact and collaborate with folks from different functions helped in get diverse perspectives and learn that problems are not always best solved by functional experts. My key takeaway has been learning the importance of spending the right amount of time on the problem-understanding stage to come to the best solutions.” – Aakash Apoorva Oza

“Having gone through the Milestone program a couple of years back, the Capstone stone journey was a great learning experience to dive deep into the challenges that I face at work and build upon my identified strengths with the help of a customized curriculum and one-on-one training sessions.” - Alisha Chatterjee

“One of the learnings that I am excited to take back to my team is the idea that our personal strengths could cause a bias and be a weakness in specific situations. It is important to step back and look at a problem from all sides and not allow past experiences to cause a blind spot in our solutions.” – Adam Pickett

“The one key takeaway for me through the course of the multiple reflection circles and peer groups that have been a part of, is that we are all in this together. While we often second-guess ourselves in this journey quite often, it is important to lean in on each other and take help.” – Chavi Sengar

Watch this video to hear more about the program:

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