My Growth Story: Sudhanshu Saxena

    Team InMobi
    Team InMobi
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    Posted on February 10, 2022
    My Growth Story: Sudhanshu Saxena

    Sudhanshu Saxena is InMobi’s Director of Supply Partnerships for Southeast Asia. He recently shared his experiences and insights on what it is like to work with InMobi. Sudhanshu takes us through his journey, revealing his more playful yet ambitious side – giving us a glimpse into how he takes on everything in life.


    Here are the key takeaways:

    His Journey at InMobi

    Sudhanshu Saxena: “I joined InMobi in 2010, which means I have completed my 11th year with the organization. Over this time, I have had the opportunity of wearing many hats. My journey with InMobi is spread across three global locations of Bangalore, London and Singapore, and four different business regions, whose performance I have been responsible for.” 


    Growth at InMobi

    SS: “InMobi provides this unique opportunity for positive people who want to take ownership and enjoy freedom. The company provides immense opportunities for personal and professional growth. This is possible only because of the people and work environment of InMobi. It is difficult to find organizations that let you make mistakes, with good intentions of course, just so that you can learn from them and grow.”


    His Achievements at InMobi So Far

    “My most memorable wins are from the initial days at InMobi. It was exhilarating to build global partnerships while working together as a team from all over the world. The way it all came together was beautiful because all of us worked towards a single purpose. The result of that hard work shows in how InMobi functions today.”


    The InMobi Values He Resonates With

    “This is a hard one. I cannot choose one as all of them help guide us in whatever we want to do. Following all of them makes us a better version of ourselves.”


    The Best Thing About His Job

    “There’s not one but a few of them – the ad tech industry, my current role, the people and the freedom. All these things come together beautifully at InMobi, enabling each one of us to make significant and impactful differences at work, in our personal lives and in the world.” 


    His Journey Ahead

    “I think about my journey both personally and professionally at the same time. Personally, I have been taking care of my health by exercising regularly. Professionally, I know for sure that I am going to keep moving ahead and grow. It remains to be seen if I will grow horizontally, vertically or maybe between functions. That’s the exciting part about working at InMobi!”


    His Tips for Aspiring InMobians

    “InMobi gives everyone a green field of growth to run on. If you want to become an InMobian, don’t try to fit in, just be yourself. Right attitude will make all the difference.”


    Interested in working with Sudhanshu and other inspiring leaders at InMobi? Head to to learn more about available openings and to apply today.

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