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Why I Joined InMobi: Michael Nelson

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on September 06, 2022
Why I Joined InMobi: Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson joined the InMobi North America team as a Technical Account Manager – Excellence Center. Learn more about him and why he likes working at InMobi.


Tell us about the path that led you to InMobi.

I was previously working at Amobee in television advertising operations and wanted to return to programmatic advertising in some capacity. Having worked in the ad tech industry for many years now, I had been involved with the demand side of the business for quite some time and wanted to explore working on the supply side. The right opportunity came at the right time when I found the technical account manager role here. I had heard nothing but positive things about InMobi and thought it would be a great time to jump back into the programmatic waters and apply my past industry and technical knowledge on the supply side platform/exchange side of the industry.

What made you join InMobi?

As already mentioned, I was interested in returning to programmatic and working on the supply side. Based on the trajectory of both technology and advertising, joining a mobile supplier in the programmatic space with a huge upswing made the most sense to me and InMobi was the answer. Not to mention the fact that the entire interview process from start to finish was so seamless and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking and getting to know everyone involved in the process. I was left with an excellent impression and am very excited to be here now.

What is that one thing that surprised you about the organization after you joined?

I would say, it was the approach toward onboarding and training that left me surprised. I appreciated the fact that I have had the opportunity to meet with different people, learn the day-to-day business practices and get up to speed without being overwhelmed with all things at once.

An incident that has stood out for you during your InMobi journey so far

More than an incident, I would like to share how the organizational practices and culture have stood out for me ever since I joined InMobi. I really love how collaborative the teams are in getting to the bottom of issues and how efficient the meetings are. InMobians are always very helpful and want to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding products, updates and issues. I definitely feel the strong support system.

What would you say to someone looking at joining InMobi?

I completely believe in what others have been saying about this being an ideal time to join InMobi. One can really bring in new ideas and perspectives to help the teams continue evolving. Everyone in the organization embraces change and wants the company to continuously improve.

How does your #LifeAtInMobi seem to be shaping up?

Flourishing – the world that perfectly describes how my #LifeAtInMobi is shaping up. I believe I have been extremely fortunate to have joined InMobi and I look forward to contributing here as much as possible.

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