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Crawl, Walk, Run: Embracing a New Era of AI

Krista Thomas
Krista Thomas
3 min read
Posted on January 10, 2023
Crawl, Walk, Run: Embracing a New Era of AI

Like most marketers, my team and I spent a lot of time over the holiday experimenting with ChatGPT, ChatBCG, DALL-E, and other generative AI platforms, and thinking about how they can help InMobi marketing be more innovative and powerful. We also reveled in exploring Dr. Joerg Storm’s LinkedIn post highlighting a wide array of AI-driven apps for everything from translation and transcription to dynamic video production – an absolute treasure trove for social media marketers.   

The fact is that for years, we’ve been using machine learning in MarTech platforms to automate key marketing and sales processes. But we’ve also been keenly aware that AI has promised so much more. With the explosion of interest in OpenAI, we were reminded of our ultimate goals:  

  • Deliver inspiring, personalized and highly intuitive prospect experiences that expand awareness, drive consideration, and foster conversion 
  • Recommend the right solutions to the right prospect at the right time and in the right manner 
  • Optimize our people, processes, and systems for maximum impact and efficacy

Leveraging this article from HBR, we created a Crawl, Walk, Run plan for now through the end of 2024 based on what we know today. Below, you can see a quick overview of our roadmap, which will evolve in real time as we explore and learn more.   

CRAWL: What we’ve been doing to date 

  • AI in our B2B Programmatic Advertising solution 
  • AI in our Website Chatbot 
  • AI in our Marketing Automation and CRM stack 

WALK: What we are adding now 

  • Task Force: Create an interdisciplinary AI Task Force with marketing, engineering, product, legal, etc., to ensure that we stay on the leading edge of AI innovation yet remain in compliance with consumer privacy protections globally 
  • Creative: Leverage generative AI to innovate and speed execution across content and social media marketing, design, interactive, audio and video production; create an engaging lead intake game that makes it fun to tell us what you need and want from InMobi 
  • MarTech: Ensure that we are using the very latest in AI-based capabilities across our website, demand generation, and account-based marketing tech stack to make discovery, consideration, and conversion more intuitive, enjoyable, and successful
    • Chatbot: Improve it to be more helpful for complex inquiries while facilitating streamlined real-time human-level support when needed; integrate into support center 
    • AdTech: Optimize our use of AI within B2B programmatic advertising 

RUN: What we will add in 2024  

  • Task Force: Leverage this collaboration to support the launch and adoption of new products and services that will result from this intensive year of AI R&D  
  • Creative: Refine and institutionalize our best experiments in AI-driven content, image, and video generation to speed the creation of all educational and training content across the company 
  • MarTech: Migrate our website to more AI-friendly / dynamically adaptive CMS for greater responsiveness and personalization  

Let me know your thoughts and if you find this post and the HBR framework helpful by emailing Hello@InMobi.com. Many thanks to authors Thomas H. Davenport, Abhijit Guha, and Dhruv Grewal for the HBR article and approach.  

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