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Putting SKAN 4.0 Into Practice

Sara Camden
Sara Camden
3 min read
Posted on October 27, 2022
Putting SKAN 4.0 Into Practice

This week, Apple rolled out the eagerly awaited fourth version of its privacy-preserving ad attribution framework SKAdNetwork (SKAN), which is summarized in detail here.  The waiting game may have ended without warning and no practice round, but the good news is that the app performance media and measurement players who have embraced and aggressively invested in SKAN since its earliest days are already all-in and hard at work coming together to ensure that the residual gains SKAN 4.0 enables are realized as quickly as possible.  

How App Growth Marketers Can Get a Fast Start With SKAN 4.0 

In addition to adopting iOS 16.1 SDK in your apps, here are key action items app growth advertisers can take today to prepare for these meaningful improvements and where they should be looking to their partners for expertise and assistance: 

Revisit conversion value mapping schemas and verify MMP support

Work in close collaboration with your media partners such as InMobi alongside your MMP to develop a refreshed strategy that takes into consideration how to leverage the multiple postbacks now available, incorporate the new Coarse Conversion Value, and determine when to trigger conversion window locking to receive postbacks more rapidly than the default times of  0-2, 3-7, and 8-35 days that are associated with the three static windows.  These new features should be approached in a strategic manner that maximizes campaign optimization while also delivering the level of performance reporting insights you need. Consult with your measurement partners to ensure systems are ready to support your updated conversion mapping schemas and reporting needs.  

Ensure media partners are deploying upgrades that maximize the value of SKAN 4.0

Media partners must update their systems to support the new 4-digit Hierarchical Source ID, Safari web-to-app flow and ensure access to ample SKAN 4.0 compliant mobile app and web ad inventory.  Additionally, you should look to them to be making enhancements to their machine learning models that drive better performance leveraging the fresh signals SKAN 4.0 provides, accounting for multiple postbacks, new delay mechanisms, Hierarchical Conversion Values and Source IDs.  

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