InMobi Mediation Platform

Higher revenue.
Greater transparency.

Maximize your ad revenue with a true unified auction across multiple demand sources. The InMobi Mediation Platform, powered by AerServ, brings the best of simultaneous auction to mobile apps. The transparent platform keeps control in your hands with deep reporting into behind-the-scenes auction mechanics.

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  • Reduced Latency
    2X lower latency with simultaneous auction on dynamic bids from buyers
  • Transparency
    Complete control with transparency into behind-the-scenes auction mechanics
  • Global Demand
    Default access to global demand from InMobi and AerServ Exchange
  • Formats with controls
    Monetize with formats you like with controls you want

Maximize Revenue with the Industry's First
In-App Simultaneous Auction Technology

OpenAuction powered by InMobi

Keep Control in Your Hands

Take full control of your revenue goals with 100% transparency into behind-the-scenes auction mechanics. With real-time reporting and autopilot technology, optimizing yield has never been easier.

Boost your Ad Revenue with Global Demand

Tap into premium and diverse advertising dollars from the largest brand advertisers around the world, through direct and programmatic channels. The InMobi Exchange bring exclusive access to 200+ DSPs and over 5,000 programmatic buyers representing top brands from around the globe.

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Deliver Great User Experience with Engaging Ads

Strike the right balance between monetization and user experience with comprehensive ad formats. Use what works best for your content and users: video ads, native ads, playable ads, rich media or interstitials.

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Get Started Easily with Concierge Mediation Service

A 24x7 dedicated service to get you started:

  • Customized Integration
    Customized integration roadmap
  • Dedicated Assistance
    Dedicated integration team to assist with setup and ensure success
  • Formal Training
    Formal product and technology training and education

What Customers Say About Us

Nolan Fox

Director of Ad Operations, MeetMe
“Aerserv (now part of InMobi) always provides excellent customer service and the dashboard is super easy to use. It is the best video mediation platform we have tried so far.”

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