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  • 1.6 Billion
    mobile users
    across markets from the U.S. to China
  • 100 Mn+
    real world
    Places of Interest (PoI)
  • 2 Mn+
    polygons mapped

Audience Targeting

Reach precise audiences with confidence

Reach your target audience using InMobi personas, enriched with more than 75+ data signals. These multi-dimensional data signals including technographic, demographic, location history and user intent help build high-confidence user profiles for precise targeting.

  • Technographic

  • Demographic

  • Geographic

  • Appographic

  • Behavioral

Connect the Dots with Consumer Graphs for Sharper Targeting

Get a deeper understanding of your target audience with consumer graphs powered by InMobi's data science and machine learning algorithms. Identify and target audience segments likely to convert and become high lifetime value (LTV) users for your business.

  • Location Graph

    Physically seen around relevant POI at least x times in the past y days

  • Interest Graph

    Visited relevant sites and apps at least x times in the past y days

  • Demographic Graph

    Falls within the advertiser’s target audience requirements

  • Intent Graph

    Clicked relevant related ads more than x times in the last 60 days

Protect your Brand. Spend Confidently.

InMobi's stringent publisher onboarding process and real-time checks ensure superior inventory quality, so your ads run only in contexts your brand deserves. Know exactly where your ads are running, who is seeing your ads and what return you are getting on your ad spend.

How We Build Trust

Location Targeting

Reach your audience exactly where they are

Connect with consumers at locations they love with InMobi Geo-Context Targeting, which uses insights from the myriad location patterns and signals generated by always-on mobile consumers. These location signals allow you to target high-intent users at places they love, on their path to purchase.

Pin-point Audiences with Smart Geo-Context Insights

Reach consumers at locations that matter with segments built on users' movements in the real world and their mobile consumption patterns.

  • Real-World Places of Interest

    Drive meaningful conversions by engaging highly relevant consumers at places of interest such as airport, stadiums, supermarkets and banks.

  • Polygon-Based Targeting

    Reduce spillage and connect with users around custom POIs of your interest using accurate polygon-based mapping.

  • Geofencing/ Conquesting

    Reach customers who are around your locations or competitor’s stores in real time or who have visited the store in the last 90 days, anywhere in the world.

  • Location-Based Audiences

    Target audiences based on location history by learning a user's journey and purchases in the real world.

Drive Store Visits and Sales

Boost sales and deliver measurable ROI by influencing users near stores/in-store. Measure ad effectiveness and sales uplift through offline studies.

  • Visit Pattern
    Footfall Index and Store Affinity Index
  • Purchase Behaviour
    Point of Sales Insights and Sales Uplift Studies

Reduce Ad Spillage with Accurate Signals

Connect with consumers confidently at places of interest through location signals verified and vetted for accuracy. Offline and real-time checks in place to detect location anomalies and outliers include:

  • Lat/Long Verification

  • Movement Anomaly Detection

  • Request Density Verification

  • Location Spoof Detection

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