Targeting that drives peak performance

Harness the power of high-quality audience segments at scale


  • Scale
    Target a global user base of 1.6 billion users without compromising quality
  • Unique Datasets
    Get access to unique audiences crafted using 1st-party signals and exclusive data partnerships
  • Freshest Segments
    Leverage the most up-to-date and relevant segments for better performance

Don’t Compromise Between Quality and Reach

  • Access to 1.6 billion users across 30K+ SDK integrated apps
  • Increased reach via integrations with top DSPs across the globe
  • At-scale audiences based on high-quality deterministic signals
 Unique datasets
  • InMobi Audiences that are created using first-party SDK-data, telco carrier based segments, and unique partnerships with leading apps in categories such as social, ride sharing and video streaming
  • Our partnerships provide app usage, mobile web and offline behavior trends of users to build segments that reveal the authentic mindsets of consumers
  • Carrier verified segments that are validated for demographics, location, intent, and interest help confidently reach your best customers
 Always-on, freshest segments
  • 24/7 in-depth view of target audience that is fresh and fluid as the user's behavior
  • Increased relevance with a handset-to-DMP time of up to eight minutes and a daily segment update cycle
  • The easy-to-use Audience Marketplace helps you discover relevant audiences and lets you enable segments on a buying platform of choice in a few clicks
High-quality signals for accurate audiences
  • Ad interaction

  • App ownership

  • Carrier data

  • First Party GPS

  • Loyalty CRM

  • OTT Apps

  • Handset Info

  • Ride Sharing Apps

  • Survey

  • Mobile web browsing

  • Shopping behavior

  • Weather

Deep expertise on location targeting

  • Accuracy
    Target users in precisely mapped locations using any of the 500k plus location polygons
  • Persistence
    Understand the true behaviour of consumers as we convert 20 billion location events to over a billion miles of routes traveled every day.
  • Quality
    Get authentic location signals verified by ML-algorithm that parses through billions of user locations for anomaly detection in user's movement and location spoofing

Go Beyond the Basic with Carrier Based Personas

InMobi Audiences are created using carrier-level mobile data. The persistent and 24/7 in-depth view of your target audience provides the most authentic understanding of consumers that’s as fresh and fluid as their minute-by-minute behavior. From verified demographics to custom audiences, confidently reach your best customers at the right time.

Driving results that matter

Revealing the Unknown: Reaching CPG Consumers via Mobile

Mobile has the potential to dramatically reshape what CPG brands know - or, rather, think they know - about their target audiences. What does mobile data reve al about who is engaging with CPG brands, what they care about and where they’re located? Download the report to know more

Harness the power of high-quality audience segments at scale