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How to Move to Kotlin and Swift with InMobi SDK 10.5.8

Nishita Kini
Nishita Kini
3 min read
Posted on April 19, 2023
How to Move to Kotlin and Swift with InMobi SDK 10.5.8

We have released InMobi SDK 10.5.8 in Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. Publishers using AdMob, AppLovin MAX, DT FairBid and Unity LevelPlay as their primary mediation, or publishers using the InMobi SDK as a direct connection, can leverage the latest SDKs. We are investing more in Kotlin and Swift as the industry is moving toward programming languages that make advertising SDKs more lightweight and efficient.  

Let's look at the advantages of Kotlin and Swift:  

Advantages of Kotlin  

  1. Improves productivity for developers by reducing the amount of boilerplate code needed in the app so they can do more with less code.  
  2. Improves run-time performance on the app due to less memory inflation and better thread footprints.  
  3. Provides better safety for Android apps as the code is 20% less likely to crash, providing a better user experience.  
  4. Kotlin Coroutines (a key programming component) dramatically simplifies background task management while the app is running.  

Advantages of Swift 

  1. Swift uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), a memory management tool, to track the app’s memory, reducing the likelihood of memory leaks and crashes.  
  2. Swift is faster than Objective C because of its modern and optimized compiler.  
  3. Apple has been investing more in Swift than Objective-C. As a result, new frameworks and APIs are being developed in Swift first.  


Shift to Kotlin and Swift 

We recommend working with your developer teams to migrate your apps to the latest Kotlin and Swift SDKs. We will release our newest monetization and addressability features only on Kotlin and Swift from September 2023 onward. Here’s what you need to do depending on how you are integrated with InMobi:  

  • AdMob: Use the latest adapter version for iOS and Android compatible with minimum supported Google Mobile Ads SDK version 10.12.0 on iOS and version 22.4.0 on Android.  

  • AppLovin MAX: Use the latest adapter version for iOS and Android compatible with AppLovin SDK version 11.11.3 for iOS and Android.  

  • DT Fairbid: Use the latest adapters that support InMobi Swift SDK version 10.5.5 and InMobi Kotlin SDK version 10.5.8. 

  • Unity LevelPlay: Use the latest adpaters for UnityLevelPlay iOS SDK Version 7.4.0 that supports InMobi Swift SDK version 10.5.6 and UnityLevelPlay Android SDK version 7.5.1 that supports InMobi Kotlin SDK version 10.5.7. 

  • Direct Integration: Download the InMobi SDK 10.5.8+ from the support portal here and follow the migration guides for more details iOS | Android.  

We want to ensure a smooth transition and we’re here to guide you. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or write to support@inmobi.com if you have any questions.  

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