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Tech Leaders At InMobi: Anshul Garg

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on February 09, 2023
Tech Leaders At InMobi: Anshul Garg

Anshul Garg joined InMobi as a Senior Software Development Engineer at Test (SDET) back in 2010. Learn more about his journey of 13 years at InMobi mapping to his current role as a tech leader, and his #LifeAtInMobi.

Tell us about your role at InMobi

I have been with InMobi for close to 13 years now and I have worked with multiple business units and taken up different roles during this course. In my current role at InMobi, I work as the Director of Engineering for the product engineering units, supply-side platform (SSP), and InMobi Exchange. In this role, I take care of the entire technology aspect that enables SSP and InMobi Exchange, which is one of the biggest revenue territories for InMobi. I am heading a team of close to 70 engineers, from multiple domains including machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictions, optimizations, back-end, and user interface.

What is it about InMobi that has made you stay with the organization?

I believe one of the biggest reasons behind people leaving a company and switching jobs is when they start having fatigue and monotony in their role in an organization, and that has never been the case with me at InMobi. Therefore, the number one reason I would say is the endless opportunities here. During my time at InMobi, I have had the opportunity to work in almost every business division and have worked with all the InMobi veterans and leaders at some point or the other. With every opportunity, there has been immense learning and as a techie, you constantly want to learn and broaden your horizon. InMobi is at the forefront of technology, with a plethora of technologies in use which make it an exciting place to be and learn at!

Another major factor would be the culture. It's a place where I feel comfortable, secure, happy, and supported. My colleagues at InMobi have helped me navigate both professional and personal challenges, and I've always felt valued and respected. To point out one such incident, during the peak of COVID-19, my oxygen levels had dropped to 55, and at that time it was a situation of life and death and InMobi organized my first oxygen kit. I was on medical leave for 3 months, and the warmth I received from everyone at InMobi during that period is something that I will be forever grateful for. InMobi values its people and that reflects at times like these.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments during your InMobi journey?

It has been 4 years since I joined the SSP and Exchange team, and the growth that the business unit has seen since then is what I consider to be one of my biggest achievements at InMobi. It was a team of 8, and now we are around a team of 70 people. The revenue has seen a multi-fold increase.

On a more personal level, I’ve grown to become a leader and that is an accomplishment. Taking a leadership role has evolved me as a person, and my thought process and way of working have evolved as well. Seeing how your work impacts the organization is rewarding.

Who are you outside of work?

I enjoy spending my leisure time in the comfort of my home with my family. I’m a fun-loving person and enjoy watching movies, singing, dancing, and spending time with my kids. Poetry is something that I pursue as a hobby, and often pen my thoughts in the form of poetry and some philosophical writing. I also have a spiritual inclination to some extent and like to meditate every now and then for my own peace and well-being. Something that I am extremely passionate about is food. I have been living in Bangalore for 15 years now and can confidently say I know the best vegetarian food places in the city.

What keeps you motivated to constantly have an innovative mindset toward your work?

It is the environment, mentorship, and leadership that is around at InMobi. By environment, I essentially mean the excellent people that I’m working with. These are people who love challenging work, they challenge the status quo, ask difficult questions, are not satisfied with their current state, and are constantly thriving to do something even better. The leadership at InMobi is highly driven and this is something that I find very positive, as they constantly push me to perform to the best of my abilities and achieve what seems impossible.

Any tips that you would want to share with budding engineers and aspiring InMobians

I urge all budding engineering professionals to not restrict themselves to any one domain/technology, but rather explore different aspects of technology and not be confined in any manner. InMobi is a place where you are given the freedom and opportunity where you get to constantly learn and better yourself. Another thing would be to not restrict yourself only to the execution and implementation of technology, but leverage technology to enable the business to thrive and excel.

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