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Why I Joined InMobi: Brittany Best

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on February 15, 2023
Why I Joined InMobi: Brittany Best

Meet Brittany Best, Senior Client Partner at InMobi Commerce. Brittany joined our North America team in November 2022. Learn more about her and what made her join InMobi as she shares about her #LifeAtInMobi.

Describe your role at InMobi

The simplest way to describe my role is that I am the client advocate, both for the client’s side of the business and our business internally. I work towards ensuring that our retailers are monetizing their websites correctly and to their full capacity while making sure that we are bringing them new monetization opportunities.

We also gather feedback on what our clients find valuable and then communicate that to the product teams to ensure that we build with a customer-centric approach. The Commerce team at InMobi is currently in its hyper-growth stage and we are building at scale. It is revolutionary what we are doing with retail media video advertising, which is what makes me very excited about my work here.  

Tell us about your professional journey

I have had a diverse professional journey so far, all in the digital marketing space. I started with search and then moved into product listing ads in the Google ecosystem, which was in some way the first iteration of what native retail media placements look like. I spent several years working in the retargeting business and then before the pandemic, I made the switch to a shopping rewards company and began working with large consumer packaged goods brands. Looking back at my professional journey, it is interesting how things that I have worked on have all led up to retail media. 

What made you join InMobi?

Multiple reasons made me want to join the team. Everyone I spoke with before joining was highly complementary; I could sense the employee culture and the belief in the company to be wonderful. That made me want to be a part of a team of people that valued and believed in what they were doing. I was also fortunate that some of my prior co-workers were working at InMobi. They pulled me in and I did not want to lose the opportunity of working with them again! In addition, I wanted to get into a hyper-growth vertical of digital marketing and this felt like the perfect next step.

What is something that has surprised you about InMobi?

Something that has really surprised me since joining InMobi is learning about the myriad businesses that InMobi has built and continues to build. It has been so cool to get to know the history of the company and the various projects that have grown into successful divisions of InMobi and some others that did not. The long history of the company testing, iterating, and building successful products makes me excited and happy about being a part of an organization that is exploratory, revolutionary, and growing in that process.

Tell us about yourself and your life outside work

I live in Southern California with my husband and our two dog and two cats – we are big animal lovers! We are also big-time travelers and love being outdoors and exploring different places and cultures, so we try to travel internationally as often as we can. Apart from that, I’m a very creative person with many different hobbies such as reading, writing, making jewelry, and candle making.

What tip or advice would you give to aspiring InMobians?

A personal tenet that I try and live by is to always be curious and to keep asking questions, which is something I have been doing every day as a newbie here at InMobi! I have found that everyone here is so kind and willing to help one another, so my piece of advice would be to take advantage of that. It’s really something to be valued and utilized to learn and grow.

To work with professionals like Brittany and join our North America team, explore opportunities on our careers website.

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