Consumer Research: InMobi and IAB - Mobile & Sports Ticketing [Hitting a Home Run]

InMobi partnered with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Decision Fuel (now YouGov) to examine how US live sports fans are using mobile media and how advertisers can best communicate with this audience.

InMobi’s Vertical Insights Research Series helps brand advertisers understand how consumers are using mobile media to research and shop for certain types of products and how mobile complements other channels throughout the purchase process.

Some highlights:

    · 49% of mobile sports fans say they find information about entertainment activities via mobile, making that channel more important than PC and print for entertainment information.

    · 78% of mobile sports fans use their mobiles to help plan trips to watch live sporting events.

    · 85% of mobile sports fans turn to mobile after seeing ads for entertainment events on other channels

    · 1 out of 3 mobile sports fans purchases game tickets directly through their phones or tablets. Box office, online and mobile are now all major sources of ticket sales.


InMobi and IAB conducted an on-device survey over the Decision Fuel mobile platform. Respondents were recruited via the InMobi mobile ad network in the US during 2014 Q1. A sample was taken of n = 695 US mobile users. The survey results were targeted and weighted to represent the US mobile population.