Use Cases Across Marketing

From product testing to consumer feedback, InMobi Pulse offers a range of insights solutions for a modern day marketer

Brand Tracking

Understand brand health as well as your share of voice and position relative to competitors. Combine unaided behavioral data, social sentiment analysis and stated user preferences for a complete view of brand health in the “always on” dashboard.

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Rich User Profiles
Understand user profiles by leveraging first-party carrier data for a rich diagnostic matrix.
Complete View
Combine stated responses with mobile behavior and location intelligence for a complete consumer view.
Competitive Standing
Track share of mind and share of voice within your category, and stay on top of competitive benchmarks.

Consumer Insights

Effective campaigns start with understanding the target audience. Create full “DNA Maps” of your customer segments to improve acquisition, conversion, and retention metrics.

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Comprehensive Profiles
Build complete customer profiles using not only demographics, but also mobile data.
New Segments
Discover new segments based on app ownership, mobile web browsing behavior and location.
Track Trends
Track trends over time and compare against competitors.

Concept and Creative Testing

Build campaigns that drive action. With InMobi Pulse, you can take the risk out of important decisions - for example, which messaging and creative assets to use for the biggest impact.

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Find Winners
Easily test alternatives and understand which messages and creatives resonate the most.
Smart Budgeting
Get direct feedback from your target customers and allocate budget accordingly.
Generate Ideas
Build on ideas from qualitative and quantitative insights to generate new concepts.

Media Effectiveness

Track the effectiveness and brand lift for online and offline campaigns using a variety of metrics.

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Mobile Campaigns
For mobile campaigns, target users across publishers and networks to understand real-time brand uplift.
Offline Campaigns
For offline campaigns, use InMobi’s proprietary location intelligence to measure impact.
Social Sentiment
Combine social sentiment with mobile behavior changes or footfall reports for a clear campaign ROI.

Customer Success Stories

  • We were impressed with the speed and efficiency of using InMobi Pulse. The targeting features allowed us to reach in-store visitors and collect real-time, genuine feedback on the customer experience 4x faster than our existing tools. We now have a richer understanding of our shoppers and are implementing changes to deliver a more delightful in-store experience

    Amit Doshi
    CMO, Lenovo India
  • With the advanced targeting and location features of InMobi Pulse, we were able to accurately gauge consumer sentiment around the event and measure marketing ROI. The insights are a crucial input to our marketing plans and channel investment for the April Fools’ Fest event in 2019.

    Aanchal Chauhan
    Head, Digital Marketing and PR
  • What makes InMobi Pulse a truly differentiated platform is its ability to connect us with our target audience with granular precision. We have been able to gather consumer insights more efficiently and quickly, and the platform has set us up perfectly to tackle the limitations of traditional research methodologies.

    Umesh Krishna K
    General Manager, Brand Marketing
  • Within a matter of weeks, the survey was deployed and we had a comprehensive dashboard to view results for as well as its competitors. This was incredibly helpful in understanding awareness and usage among our mobile audience. The results also highlighted quick wins to in-market campaigns that we could implement and have an immediate impact on traffic and conversion rates.

    Amie Lindaas
    Senior Manager, Research and Insights
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