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Time to Get Serious About Apple’s SKAdNetwork 4.0

Sarayah Wright
Sarayah Wright
3 min read
Posted on March 07, 2023
Time to Get Serious About Apple’s SKAdNetwork 4.0

Apple released its much-awaited SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0 in late October 2022, and at InMobi, we’ve spent many months ahead of the announcement educating performance marketers on everything they need to know to prepare – from the basics to the nitty-gritty.  

From 2020 onward, we’ve been shepherding our partners and other stakeholders in the broader mobile advertising ecosystem into what we can now safely and confidently call the privacy-first world. Our team of privacy and identity experts stay rigorously up to date on all the new information coming from Apple, including valuable feedback from our partners about the challenges they’re facing with adoption. This gives us the opportunity to fine-tune our approach to providing best-in-class guidance on maintaining optimal performance in line with the major changes happening in our industry around privacy. 

While we continue working with our partners to increase their understanding of SKAN 4.0 and leverage it according to their growth needs, things are about to get a lot easier with the release of our industry-first, proprietary programmatic bidder to better drive iOS app performance for growth marketers without relying on user-level identifiers. 

Complementing InMobi’s traditional demand-side platform (DSP), the pioneering automated bidder is built from the ground up to rely solely on privacy-safe data signals when optimizing programmatic media buys while leveraging Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) attribution framework. 

To learn more about this new release, please read the full press release here: 

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If you’re looking to self-educate or get your teams up to speed on Apple’s SKAN 4.0, you can find many of our SKAN-related materials in our resource center. This hub has all the tools and insights you need to not only get started with SKAN 4.0 but also become a SKAN pro. 

Some notable enhancements to SKAN 4.0 include:  

  • Multiple Postbacks: Simplified delivery and new insight into post-install events 
  • Hierarchical Source IDs: One hundred times more opportunities to uncover learnings that improve optimization 
  • Hierarchical Conversions: Performance insights come more rapidly, predictably, and frequently 
  • Safari Mobile Web Support: Additional privacy-safe channel to reach users on their mobile devices 

So, let us carry some of the load for you. That way, you can keep your head in the proverbial books, continuing to read through whitepapers, reports, and one sheets, and focus on building up your personal toolkit and overall strategy. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and with our solution you’ll have even more time to get serious about SKAN 4.0.  

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