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Introducing InMobi inDecode

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on April 01, 2015


1.convert (a coded message) into intelligible language.

Introducing InMobi inDecode. An initiative to help app developers decode and grow their app business.

In an ever-growing app ecosystem, developing a great app is only half the battle won. We’re here to help you with the other half. You have to market your app, acquire users and monetize them while keeping your eye on analytics. We work with 10,000s of app developers across the world and believe that we can help. We will connect with you through meet ups, roadshows, blogs, webinars, events (and a whole lot more!) and share everything that you need to know to grow your app business.



1. a small independent pop group, film company or app development studio, short for independent.

We started InMobi inDecode for you - the indie app developer. We love developers and helping them acquire users and monetizing them is our motto. InMobi can help you become the next success story and honestly, with some acumen (and maybe a little luck!), it isn’t as difficult as it seems.


1. The symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program in which letters, digits, etc. are represented as binary numbers;

2. any authoritative, general, systematic, and written statement of the principles applicable to one or more broad areas of life.

As a developer, code is the code by which we live by.

You can find all our learnings at indecode.inmobi.com. Bookmark this page & do check-in regularly.

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